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Sexy and spooky naked asian kitty sucks and deep throats a big dick before he pounds her tight shaved pussy and fills her mouth with cum.

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Hot little brunette with perky tits  blows cock and gets a cum facial while have some halloween fun in her sexy costumes.

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Beautiful teen babe gives sloppy wet blowjob then sits on cock and bounces only to get a huge facial scooped off with spoon and swallows the jizz.

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Amazing brunette beauty sucks and fucks to swallows cum.

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31 Aug 12

Huge Oral Fetish

Oh, you can tell this is going to be a beautiful blow job! This hot babe has a huge oral fetish…. She loves sucking on things – starting with fingers and ending with cock! Yeah, you can bet she’s going to swallow it all down! Who wouldn’t want to let her suck on your fingers – and other things….

raaquel hot slut loves cum244

The moment this dark haired beauty gets down to it, you can quickly see she knows exactly what she’s doing.

She starts off by grabbing his cock, licking his balls, and then slowly working her way up his shaft…. She’ll concentrate on his shaft for a while until he’s about ready to burst, and then suddenly explodes all over the tip of his cock…. If he hasn’t cum by then, then – and only then – will she start seriously sucking him down!

The entire time – even with her mouth full of cock – she keeps looking up at him!

raaquel hot slut loves cum242 raaquel hot slut loves cum243

When he came, he came without warning…. While his cock was deep in her mouth!

The moment before he started to cum he put his hand behind her head and then held it there so that when he started cumming there was no way she going to get out of eating his jizz!

raaquel hot slut loves cum245

Then again, chances are that she would have just swallowed it down no matter what!

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21 Jul 12

Mike’s Jizz

Hannah showed up at Mike’s Apartment with bad intentions…. All she wanted to do was suck a little cock off, and all of the chicks know that when they are horny and have an urge to swallow a load of jizz all they need to do is show up at Mike’s Apartment – no appointment needed!

She popped in, popped his cock out, and popped it right into her mouth! Mike has a huge cock but she was no stranger to big dicks!

hanna eats-jizz mikes apartment1

She sucked him off and in return he dropped his load of jizz right on her tongue!!!!

hanna eats-jizz mikes apartment2

I bet you she loved that!

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2 May 12

Bella Sucks Cock

Meet Bella from Amateur Allure…. All of the chicks on Amateur Allure are not only beautiful, but they all swallow jizz too!

Bella looks like she’s ready to suck him down and then swallow down his jizz!

teen bella loves sperm8

And what a beautiful sight it will be to see young Bella swallowing his jizz load!

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Somehow some of the hottest cum swallowing chicks are all on Amateur Allure…..

Check out this beauty! Not only did she suck Thomas off and suck him off good, she gave him a super happy ending – by taking a load of jizz in the mouth!


Then she’ll be sure to swallow it all down! Like the good little slut she is!

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28 Mar 12

Lots Of Cum

If there is one thing that Halia Hill loves, it’s sucking cock. There is nothing in the world she loves more than having a fat, long, stiff cock to suck off. She lives for giving head! And she’s pretty fucking easy on the eyes too!

She pulls his cock out of his pants, and her titties out of her shirt, and she thought she would just got down on his cock like every other cock she’s ever sucked off…. But she was stunned the size of this cock! It was huge! It was larger than any other cock she’s sucked off…..

Halia Hill was so looking forward to sucking his cock down and she wasn’t about to walk away now! The cock was out, it was in her hand, and it was time to sink or swim! She decided to swim and took his cock right into her mouth!


She was glad she did… Having such a huge cock in her mouth was a huge turn on; She loved the way it felt sliding in and out of her mouth!

He liked it too because his cock felt really good in her mouth! It turned him on so much that he dropped his entire load right in her mouth and on her face! Halia Hill is no stranger to oral sex or facials, but she was stunned at the amount of jizz this cock spit out at her!


Luckily she’s not afraid of a little jizz…. Or a lot of jizz!

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25 Mar 12

Swallowing Cum

Sometimes you can just tell it’s going to be a great blow job!

jasmine cum swallowing whore4

Jasmine is one of those chicks who puts all of her effort into everything she does – and has fun doing it too!

Look at the way she’s teasing his cock, and then pleasing him by taking it all in her mouth! What a killer blow job this is turning out to be!

jasmine cum swallowing whore1 jasmine cum swallowing whore2

But the best part… Is when she takes his load of sperm in her mouth right on her tongue!

She knows better than to swallow it all down without showing him her prize on her tongue!

jasmine cum swallowing whore5

That’s the way all blow jobs should be! If they aren’t willing to cum swallow, well, they need to suck someone else off!

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