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Hot little brunette with perky tits  blows cock and gets a cum facial while have some halloween fun in her sexy costumes.

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This gorgeous brunette teen enjoys sucking and riding a big cock.  As her reward she gets a nasty cum facial.
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Beautiful teen babe gives sloppy wet blowjob then sits on cock and bounces only to get a huge facial scooped off with spoon and swallows the jizz.

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See… If I had a hot blonde like this with her mouth full of my cock and looking up at me, I’d bust a nut instantly.

Wouldn’t you?

sasha sinn oral whore11

Of course, having a chick with pig tails sucking on your cock is always a huge turn on. It’s sort of like the ultimate oral back up plan – if she’s not sucking your cock the way you want or if she’s not going down deep enough…. All you need to do is yank on her hair – then you’ll have her undivided attention and she’ll be more than willing to suck off your cock exactly the way you want her to suck it!

sasha sinn oral whore12

In the end her great reward is a nice load of jizz – right in the mouth!!!!

sasha sinn oral whore13

And on her chest too….. Seems she likes jizz everywhere!

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5 Sep 12

Jizz On Face

Not only does it constantly amaze us that women are willing to get down on their knees to take our cocks in their mouth, but it still blows our mind that chicks are willing to get dressed up for sex too!

This blonde babe from the 1000 Facials website looks smoking hot on her knees with a cock in her mouth!

riley rey loves spending time on her knees7

Now this is the way to give a blow job!

Down on her knees, but instead of being in front of us she’s hovering over us, her chest over our chest, so her breasts rub up against us while she’s sucking us off…. You can still watch her going down on your cock, and you can also play with her ass…. Just don’t try to give her a spanking when she’s got your cock in her mouth!

This blonde teen chick really knows what she’s doing…. See how she’s playing with his balls while sucking him off? That’s the sign of a true pro!

riley rey loves spending time on her knees8

The result is she gets a nice tidy facial – and lots of jizz in her mouth!


riley rey loves spending time on her knees9

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2 Sep 12

Huge Fat Cock

She should have known when he pulled down his pants and exposed his cock to her the first time…. His cock was fucking huge; She instantly thought it was a monster cock. Even though Stacy had never seen a cock this big before, she was young enough to believe she could take it on! Man, his cock was thick!

Stacy sucked and sucked, but not matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t get his cock all the way down her mouth! She always thought she would be able to deep throat any cock she came across, but it turns out she was wrong! She couldn’t deep throat this cock no matter what she did! But Stacy sure did have fun trying!

What Stacy didn’t think about was that a huge cock must spit out a lot of jizz!


When he started to cum she decided she had to swallow down all of his jizz to make up for the fact that she couldn’t deep throat his cock! She had swallowed jizz before and much to her surprise she discovered it wasn’t nearly as bad as her girlfriends had told her, but when Bob started to cum he didn’t stop – And suddenly her mouth was getting filled up with jizz faster than she could swallow it down!

But still Stacy was a champ and swallowed down all of his jizz!

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18 Aug 12

Jizz Facial

Oh, now this is going to be fun….. A hot perky blonde with long hair….. Oh yeah, I bet you she really knows how to suck cock!

Imagine being able to pull on her hair while she’s sucking your cock!

pure pov blonde slut jizz lover1

When she starts sucking cock, she’s all business. She knows all the tricks. But the hottest trick of all is when she’s on her knees, cock in mouth, looking up at us….. Now that’s hot! And seeing a hot little blonde with a cock in her mouth sucking you off, well, it’s not stretch of the imagination that she’ll be able to get him off quickly!

Who wouldn’t want to drop their load in her mouth! I bet you she’d love to eat it up too!

pure pov blonde slut jizz lover2

Turns out she loves jizz – All of it!

She wants jizz in her mouth, on her face, on her chest….. Jizz every where! More jizz for her drink down!

pure pov blonde slut jizz lover3

Yeah, she sure does like jizz doesn’t she!

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13 Aug 12

Hot Blonde Facial

Suck suck goose! This blonde bitch really knows how to suck cock…..

She grabs a hold of his cock and slowly teases the tip of his cock by licking and sucking just on the tip….. But she knows what all men like, and a short time after teasing him a little bit she’s going to have his entire cock in her mouth. You can tell this perky little blonde – who’s sucking off cock outside in the back yard – really knows how to suck cock, and can take his entire cock right in her mouth and bury it all deep in her mouth!

pure pov blonde loves eating jizz slurpees 1

Once the blow job turns more serious, they move inside….. Where she continues to suck him down! And she turns him on so much that it’s only a matter of time before he spits out an nice load of jizz in her her mouth – and across her face!

I’m not sure about you, but if I was looking down at this cute little hot blonde sucking my cock, well, I’d be quick to get off too!

pure pov blonde loves eating jizz slurpees 2

What a nice load of jizz across her face!

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Sometimes it’s not how good the blow job is, but more of how hot she is when she’s doing it. And the best part is sometimes the look in their eyes when they look up at us while they are sucking off our cocks!

sexy blonde licking jizz off her fingers5 sexy blonde licking jizz off her fingers6 sexy blonde licking jizz off her fingers7 sexy blonde licking jizz off her fingers9

Who wouldn’t want to have this blonde haired beauty looking back up at us while sucking us off?

sexy blonde licking jizz off her fingers10

Looks like blondie here already got a nice load full of jizz – on her face, in her mouth, on her hands…. She’ll be sure to eat up every last drop!

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14 Jul 12

Jizz Face

This is exactly what we want to see when a hot teen chick is giving us head…. We want to see your ass bending over with your knees on the floor – oh, and the high heels too!

Because we know how much teen chicks like to wear high heels while sucking us off!


But most importantly when sucking our cock, you need to be ready to take our load of jizz at any time. Hopefully, you’ll be able to swallow it down. We know how you like swallowing jizz. But sometimes it’s okay if you just take a facial, because we love seeing you with our cum on your face. It’s always hot!


And it’s good for your skin too!

Don’t deny it you little teen slut! We know you love jizz on your face!!!

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