Do you notice the same stunning amateur cutie I'm seeing? I just had to make certain I wasn't imagining things. Now that we're all OK, let me introduce you to Melissa. She's one of the freshest little amateur girls to come by around here in weeks. She may not seem like it, but she's got the most spectacular oral skills I've dealt with in years. The way those precious boobs of hers move while she bobs her head up and down on my dick drives me crazy. For all the sexiest amateur babes swallowing spooge, just come see Amateur Allure.

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7 Sep 12

Kacey Loves Jizz

Kacey loves jizz and always has. She was never sure why her friends gave their boyfriends such a hard time about sucking down a load of jizz!

She knows that swallowing jizz is a huge turn on for men, so she’s willing to swallow sperm every chance she gets!


She always makes sure that she opens up her mouth and displays that load of jizz in her mouth before swallowing it down!

Trust me, men are willing to wait in line for the chance to have Kacey suck them off and swallow their jizz!

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You folks are going to go crazy for this ravishing brunette hottie I dug up for you this morning. This lovable 19 year old cutie named Janell lives across town, but she still comes over every now and again for a taste of my salty spooge in her mouth. She's a complete slut, and the instant she's in the door, she's got her undies off and is pounding her slit on my stiff dick. I can't get enough of banging this chick, and what makes it even more amazing is where she tells me to spooge. Girls like her get off on the taste of spooge, and Janell is just amazing.

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5 Sep 12

Jizz On Face

Not only does it constantly amaze us that women are willing to get down on their knees to take our cocks in their mouth, but it still blows our mind that chicks are willing to get dressed up for sex too!

This blonde babe from the 1000 Facials website looks smoking hot on her knees with a cock in her mouth!

riley rey loves spending time on her knees7

Now this is the way to give a blow job!

Down on her knees, but instead of being in front of us she’s hovering over us, her chest over our chest, so her breasts rub up against us while she’s sucking us off…. You can still watch her going down on your cock, and you can also play with her ass…. Just don’t try to give her a spanking when she’s got your cock in her mouth!

This blonde teen chick really knows what she’s doing…. See how she’s playing with his balls while sucking him off? That’s the sign of a true pro!

riley rey loves spending time on her knees8

The result is she gets a nice tidy facial – and lots of jizz in her mouth!


riley rey loves spending time on her knees9

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It's hard to get some girls to focus on anything except getting some hard dick. That's Miley, for sure! This cute 19 year old cutie has a pair of amazing boobs, and she's always received a lot of sex because of them. She's not just another cute chick though. This lovely little sweetie can deep throat a dick like no one's business. There's not much she wants more than getting reamed by my long stiff dick and then getting a load of jizz in her pretty mouth. I feel like Miley and I are going to do this a few more times.

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If you need to make certain a cutie comes back to do you again, all you need to do is bang her properly. That's the way I got this lovely redhead amateur named Miley hooked on my dick. The first time I got with her, I made her cum so loud, she couldn't believe it, and ever since that day, she keeps coming through for more. She's got a pretty face, a pair of lovely boobs and the sweetest twat I've seen in a long time. Not only that, but she gets off on swallowing spooge. She is so eager for me to get close so she can taste my entire wad.

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2 Sep 12

Huge Fat Cock

She should have known when he pulled down his pants and exposed his cock to her the first time…. His cock was fucking huge; She instantly thought it was a monster cock. Even though Stacy had never seen a cock this big before, she was young enough to believe she could take it on! Man, his cock was thick!

Stacy sucked and sucked, but not matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t get his cock all the way down her mouth! She always thought she would be able to deep throat any cock she came across, but it turns out she was wrong! She couldn’t deep throat this cock no matter what she did! But Stacy sure did have fun trying!

What Stacy didn’t think about was that a huge cock must spit out a lot of jizz!


When he started to cum she decided she had to swallow down all of his jizz to make up for the fact that she couldn’t deep throat his cock! She had swallowed jizz before and much to her surprise she discovered it wasn’t nearly as bad as her girlfriends had told her, but when Bob started to cum he didn’t stop – And suddenly her mouth was getting filled up with jizz faster than she could swallow it down!

But still Stacy was a champ and swallowed down all of his jizz!

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It’s hard enough to find a woman who knows how to give a decent blow job these days, no less a hot sexy teen that knows anything more than which end to use. That’s why when Jack found Heidi he was thrilled – she was young, blonde, and loved to suck cock. In fact, Jack was not only well hung, but he could produce buckets of sperm on demand, and it seemed that Heidi loved eating his jizz…. Which was a huge turn on for him! So Heidi is a hot little perky blonde teen who not only knows how to give a great blow job, but she also likes to swallow his jizz. It doesn’t get better than this, right? Well, that’s exactly what Jack thought too!

When Heidi invited her girlfriend McKenize to join in on the oral fun, well, Jack was so turned on he was about to cum in his pants! How could he not? He was getting sucked off by two hot teen blonde chicks that love to eat jizz!


They took turns sucking him off, and Jack loved every moment of it!

He dropped his load into McKenize’s mouth, and then they quickly faced each other and swapped out his jizz – from McKenize’s mouth to Heidi’s mouth, and then back again!


They both ended up swallowing his jizz… Lucky Jack has jizz to spare so it was win win for everyone!

Now, let’s see if Jack can get it up again!

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31 Aug 12

Huge Oral Fetish

Oh, you can tell this is going to be a beautiful blow job! This hot babe has a huge oral fetish…. She loves sucking on things – starting with fingers and ending with cock! Yeah, you can bet she’s going to swallow it all down! Who wouldn’t want to let her suck on your fingers – and other things….

raaquel hot slut loves cum244

The moment this dark haired beauty gets down to it, you can quickly see she knows exactly what she’s doing.

She starts off by grabbing his cock, licking his balls, and then slowly working her way up his shaft…. She’ll concentrate on his shaft for a while until he’s about ready to burst, and then suddenly explodes all over the tip of his cock…. If he hasn’t cum by then, then – and only then – will she start seriously sucking him down!

The entire time – even with her mouth full of cock – she keeps looking up at him!

raaquel hot slut loves cum242 raaquel hot slut loves cum243

When he came, he came without warning…. While his cock was deep in her mouth!

The moment before he started to cum he put his hand behind her head and then held it there so that when he started cumming there was no way she going to get out of eating his jizz!

raaquel hot slut loves cum245

Then again, chances are that she would have just swallowed it down no matter what!

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Last time Miley came by, my chum Ray drilled the fuck out of her, so this time, it's my shift. This redhead cutie has such a lovely face and the thinnest little ass you've ever seen. As soon as she slides my hard dick in her mouth, I knew I'd made the correct choice about fucking myself. And that tight shaved slit of hers was just paradise to screw. I couldn't believe how wet it was. I could tell she was dying to taste my spooge, so I pulled out and jizzed all over her lips.


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