Despite the fact that she'd been driving all day, this naughty thing was still thrilled to see me. This lovely 21 year old southern cutie loves to get laid and when she discovered she could get paid for it, she decided it was too good to be true. I was thrilled at how well this horny amateur sweetheart could give head, and she got me really stiff in no time. I enjoyed watching her tiny boobs bounce while she bounced on my dick. She even told me to pull out so she could feel my massive load in her mouth.

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18 Aug 12

Jizz Facial

Oh, now this is going to be fun….. A hot perky blonde with long hair….. Oh yeah, I bet you she really knows how to suck cock!

Imagine being able to pull on her hair while she’s sucking your cock!

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When she starts sucking cock, she’s all business. She knows all the tricks. But the hottest trick of all is when she’s on her knees, cock in mouth, looking up at us….. Now that’s hot! And seeing a hot little blonde with a cock in her mouth sucking you off, well, it’s not stretch of the imagination that she’ll be able to get him off quickly!

Who wouldn’t want to drop their load in her mouth! I bet you she’d love to eat it up too!

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Turns out she loves jizz – All of it!

She wants jizz in her mouth, on her face, on her chest….. Jizz every where! More jizz for her drink down!

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Yeah, she sure does like jizz doesn’t she!

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17 Aug 12

Sticky Sperm Love

This blonde teen was on a mission from the start – she wanted to swallow down a load of cum! She’s always loved the way jizz tastes, and it’s been a bit of a dry spell for her….. And she was itching for the taste of jizz in her mouth! She doesn’t understand why her friends don’t like it; For her, it’s less about the taste and more about the fact that she loves the way men treat her after swallowing their jizz… And that turns her on!

When she started dating Pete she knew what she had to do. She didn’t mind the taste of jizz in her mouth, and she knew that it would pay off in the long run! She sucked him down, totally turned him on, and when he came she took his jizz in her mouth and swallowed it down!


Pete was thrilled to death to have a hot new blonde haired teen girlfriend, but when he discovered that she was the type of girl that didn’t mind swallowing down a load of jizz every now and then it turned him on even more!

Now every time she sucks him off she’ll be swallowing down his load of sticky sperm!

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There's only one place this slutty blonde hottie goes for some hardcore fucking. She came by here last year and shook my world with her stunning body and glorious blowjob skills. I guess I must have swayed hers too because here she is knocking on my door asking me for some more. It doesn't take this chick a minute before she's blowing me and getting me really stiff. She craves the way I hammer that sweet shaved twat of hers, and I love the way she accepts my sperm when she's through. There's no where better for naughty amateur sluts than Amateur Allure!

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When you're as horny as this busty young slut, Aspen just can't satisfy you forever. Eventually this kinky young thing named Kaci had to get out to the big city and get her pink shaved cunt screwed right! From the way she throats dick, you can tell she enjoys getting slammed and she prays for it while she licks at my firm cock. When she turns around to get humped from behind, I just grab hold of that sweet round ass and nail that snatch as hard as I can. The best place to see hot young jizz drinkers like Kaci here is at Amateur Allure!

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14 Aug 12

Sticky Sperm

You can always tell a real teen by the funky nail polish they have on…. Today we have Claudia from the Papa Loads website, and she’s sporting some hot neon pink nail polish. It’s sexy when she’s got her hand wrapped around his cock like this! She seems to be serious about sucking his cock!

You can tell exactly how serious she is about sucking cock because she grabs his cock with her hand and strokes him off while sucking him; that’s the mark of an oral queen who’s sucked off a lot of cock in her time! Yeah, young Claudia here is no stranger to cock that’s for sure!!!!


She can tell when he was about to cum and she was ready for it. It’s his birthday today, and she promised him the one thing he always wanted – for her to swallow his jizz! She knew he was ready to cum so she just opened up her mouth wide and waited for it!

He started to stroke his cock and then gently laid a nice fat load of sticky sperm right on her tongue!


She sucks cock often but it’s common for her to swallow jizz, and she had to admit she loved the way his jizz tasted! She let it sit on her tongue for a while, making sure that he knew she had his cum in her mouth on her tongue and then she swallowed it down!

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13 Aug 12

Hot Blonde Facial

Suck suck goose! This blonde bitch really knows how to suck cock…..

She grabs a hold of his cock and slowly teases the tip of his cock by licking and sucking just on the tip….. But she knows what all men like, and a short time after teasing him a little bit she’s going to have his entire cock in her mouth. You can tell this perky little blonde – who’s sucking off cock outside in the back yard – really knows how to suck cock, and can take his entire cock right in her mouth and bury it all deep in her mouth!

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Once the blow job turns more serious, they move inside….. Where she continues to suck him down! And she turns him on so much that it’s only a matter of time before he spits out an nice load of jizz in her her mouth – and across her face!

I’m not sure about you, but if I was looking down at this cute little hot blonde sucking my cock, well, I’d be quick to get off too!

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What a nice load of jizz across her face!

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Even with every other porn site on the web trying to holler at her, this adorable blonde sweetie came here. Her name is Aimee Addison and once you get a sight of those flawless breasts and impressive ass of hers, you'll understand why everyone needed her so bad. She did her first ever hardcore scene with us, and she enjoyed it so much that she's back now for more. The way this unbelievable blonde amateur swallows my dick is just marvelous and I almost don’t want her to stop so she can ride me with that little shaved pussy of hers. Aimee here is just one of the hundreds of naughty amateur cum swallowers we've got over at Amateur Allure!

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I'm still recovering from the last time this sweet amateur babe gave me head. Her name is Aimee Addison and I had to work very hard to bring her here the first time. But once that pink shaved slit of hers got a taste of my big dick, she went wild. It was easy to get this dirty blonde chick to come back for a second spin, and it was even hotter than the first. She came in in this blue Chinese dress, but it was no time at all before it was off and she was slurping my dick. There's really no where better for nasty young cum swallowers than Amateur Allure!

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10 Aug 12

Teen Swallows Jizz

You surely cannot say that blonde haired brown eyed Becky doesn’t like giving head now can we? Looks like she’s having a ball sucking on that cock! But you already know this is just the beginning of the fun and games! Because young Becky really knows what she’s doing when it comes to sucking cock!


She might be young and she might be naive, but this blonde teen really knows how to please a man… The way to a man’s heart isn’t through his stomach; It’s through his cock. This oral queen knows that if you suck off a cock properly she’ll get him off, and then she’ll have his heart in her hands – or at least his cock in her lips!

Becky knows all of the tricks….. And this hot young teen can deep throat like it’s no one’s business! She can take an entire cock in her mouth and bury the entire thing!

Now that’s talent!


But Becky doesn’t stop there. She knows there is one thing that women never do, and that’s swallowing cum. And she also knows that chicks who do swallow down the jizz are hard to find and worth holding onto; She’s going for a diamond tennis bracelet here!

She took his entire load in her mouth, on her tongue, and then swallowed it down!


No pearl necklace for her – She wants to swallow down his jizz!

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