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Oh this looks promising… A hot little teen read head grabbing a cock with her hand and then sucking it down! Oh, what wonderful things they teach in all girls schools these days! Well, they’ve got to learn at some time, right?

This hot little red head looks like she’s no stranger to sucking cock, that’s for sure!

school girl loves sperm4

Not only that, but she’s always willing to take a facial – and hoping the entire time that she gets to swallow down his jizz. She’s a smart cookie – she knows exactly how much we like it when they swallow our jizz down!

school girl loves sperm5

And this hot teen chick has never looked more beautiful than when she has a full load of jizz on her mouth and is about to swallow it all down!

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21 Mar 12

Red Head Eats Jizz

Some chicks really know how to give a blow job! And when a hot red head like Amber offers up a free blow job poolside, well, you shouldn’t say no to that!

She grabbed his cock and stroked him off while she took his pecker deeper and deeper into her mouth each and every time! She turned him on unlike he had ever been turned on by a blow job before!

But this was just the start! When she started to cum this cute little red head – who was fondling her breasts the entire time she was sucking him off – didn’t try to move away, but instead held his cock right over her face and kept on stroking him until his jizz ended up in her mouth!


Much to Amber’s surprise, he kept on cumming – buckets and buckets of jizz, all over the place, in her mouth, on her face…… It was a like a jizz shower!


Now that was one hot blow job!

That’s one hell of a Cum Fiesta if you ask me!

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