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Some chicks like to suck cock – a lot!

This hot little babe from Amateur Allure really knows a thing or two about sucking cock…. She’s taken nearly all of his cock deep in her mouth! She’s sure she’ll be getting a mouthful of jizz in her mouth shortly…..


Just like we thought, she gets a nice load of hot sticky jizz right in her mouth – on her tongue…..

And if that’s not hot enough, she knows enough not to quickly swallow it down, but instead lets it linger on her tongue….

arryn eats jizz

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10 Aug 12

Teen Swallows Jizz

You surely cannot say that blonde haired brown eyed Becky doesn’t like giving head now can we? Looks like she’s having a ball sucking on that cock! But you already know this is just the beginning of the fun and games! Because young Becky really knows what she’s doing when it comes to sucking cock!


She might be young and she might be naive, but this blonde teen really knows how to please a man… The way to a man’s heart isn’t through his stomach; It’s through his cock. This oral queen knows that if you suck off a cock properly she’ll get him off, and then she’ll have his heart in her hands – or at least his cock in her lips!

Becky knows all of the tricks….. And this hot young teen can deep throat like it’s no one’s business! She can take an entire cock in her mouth and bury the entire thing!

Now that’s talent!


But Becky doesn’t stop there. She knows there is one thing that women never do, and that’s swallowing cum. And she also knows that chicks who do swallow down the jizz are hard to find and worth holding onto; She’s going for a diamond tennis bracelet here!

She took his entire load in her mouth, on her tongue, and then swallowed it down!


No pearl necklace for her – She wants to swallow down his jizz!

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2 Jul 12

Teen Deepthroat

What do you think? Think Violet here is a good cock sucker?

Before you answer that, let me remind you this chick is from Amateur Allure…. And all of his girls swallow down loads of cum!


So if this chick is going to suck him off and then swallow down his load of jizz, well, she’s got to be a good cock sucker!

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31 May 12

Nicole Loves Jizz

Now isn’t this just precious? Nicole is about to suck down a cock….. I’m not sure how they do it, but Amateur Allure has the hottest teen cock suckers on the Internet!

nicole sexy blonde loves giving head10

Not only is Nicole super beautiful, but she knows her way around a cock. It’s not like this blonde haired teen is a stranger to sucking cock! Oh now, she’s sucked off some cock before, that’s for sure! She can eat cock like you wouldn’t believe!

nicole sexy blonde loves giving head11 nicole sexy blonde loves giving head12

Not only does Nicole suck cock and love doing it, but as an extra bonus she she swallows down his jizz…. All of the chicks on Amateur Allure cum swallow!

And it’s oh so damn beautiful!

nicole sexy blonde loves giving head14

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10 May 12

Teen Wants Jizz

Isn’t this just beautiful? A hot dark haired teen with her mouth open wide, a huge cock ready to be slammed down her throat, and her eyes open wide looking back up at us! Oh, how we love it when young teens take our cocks in their mouth and then look back up at us while dong it!

This young hottie has a look that says “Yeah, baby, I can take all of your cock down in one huge gulp”. Or, she might be trying to say “I might be young, but I can handle a real man”.

hot young teens swallow cum4

Either way she’s going to suck his cock off until she swallows down a huge load of jizz right down her throat!!!

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Bold, aggressive women who aren’t afraid of some cock are the ones who gives the best blow jobs….

This beauty from 1000 Facials isn’t afraid of cock. Check out the way she’s got his balls in her hand. If he makes any attempt to cram his cock down her throat she’ll squeeze his nuts and it will end up being a blow job he’ll never forget… But in the mean time, she’s going to gently massage his balls while she’s taking down as much of his cock as she can!


He popped out his load across her face and her chest…..


If she won’t deep throat his cock, she had better be willing to lick it all up and eat it down!

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There is no such thing as a bad blow job, but if you double the amount of chicks sucking cock it doubles the fun and doubles the pleasure!

These two whores know their way around a cock! And both of them aren’t afraid of deep throating cock either! Both of them know how to deep throat, and that’s hard enough to find these days. Most women are so lazy…. But not these two little sluts. They love to suck cock!

deep-throating-sluts-tag-team1 deep-throating-sluts-tag-team2

The love to suck cock and love to suck cock for one reason only – they love jizz. They love everything about jizz. But most of all…. They love to share it!

These two whores love to swap out the jizz before swallowing it down too!


And that’s just precious!

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That’s a huge load of jizz she’s taking in her mouth, isn’t it?

hot babe sucks down-cock7

She’s gonna swallow down a nice fat load of sticky goey jizz!

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6 Mar 12

Swallowing Jizz

Some women don’t know how to suck down cock properly. This blonde from Throated seems to know what she’s doing. In fact, just knowing that she’s going to deep throat his cock unlike he’s ever been deep throated before is a huge fucking turn on for us!

This cock sucking whore looks pretty damn determined to get him off!

throated babe eats jizz6

Turns out he can spit out a lot of jizz, more than she’s ever swallowed down at once!

throated babe eats jizz7

She’s a trooper though and swallowed down his entire load of jizz!

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26 Nov 11

Cum In Mouth

It’s always so beautiful when a hot babe really knows how to suck cock – and enjoys it so much!

raaquel hot slut loves cum242


The moment this dark haired beauty gets down to it, you can quickly see she knows exactly what she’s doing.

She starts off by grabbing his cock, licking his balls, and then slowly working her way up his shaft…. She’ll concentrate on his shaft for a while until he’s about ready to burst, and then suddenly explodes all over the tip of his cock…. If he hasn’t cum by then, then – and only then – will she start seriously sucking him down!

The entire time – even with her mouth full of cock – she keeps looking up at him!


raaquel hot slut loves cum243

When he came, he came without warning…. While his cock was deep in her mouth!

The moment before he started to cum he put his hand behind her head and then held it there so that when he started cumming there was no way she going to get out of eating his jizz!

raaquel hot slut loves cum245

Then again, chances are that she would have just swallowed it down no matter what!

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